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The vibrator is definitely the most popular toy! What separates it from the rest, is obviously the vibrations that stimulate certain areas as no other massage (as vigorous as it is) would. Most vibrators have multiple speeds, allowing each woman to choose the mode that gives her the most pleasure. It is also possible to gradually increase the intensity, on the way to orgasm. The vibrator is a good first toy, since it is very intuitive and does not necessarily suppose a penetration.


The traditional vibrator is the shape of a phallus and aims vaginal stimulation. It comes in all shapes and colors, and offer different speeds, intensity or pace.


The rabbit vibrator is like a traditional phallic-shaped vibrator that has an additional branch to stimulate the clitoris, allowing a double stimulation. Depending on the model, the function of the insertable part can vary: some offer only vibration, others a rotation with beads (to stimulate the G-spot). Some models rotate on themselves, providing an experience similar to the real thing.


This vibrator has a curved shape or an inclined "head" that stimulates the G-spot. It allows to put more pressure on the desired area, which is generally not possible with traditional vibrators or during intercourse with a partner.

Bullet or egg

The "bullet" or "Egg" vibrators are essentially used in the same way as others, even if their shape is slightly different (the bullet looks like a tiny, thin and long vibrator, while the egg is oval shaped). They are used to stimulate the clitoris and are not insertable. They are popular mainly because they can be used during sex, and they are also very discrete and usually quiet, that is to say easy to carry around.

Vibrator massager (Magic Wand)

This type of vibrator feature a large vibrating head, which does not allow penetration. It thus serves to stimulate the clitoris and can also massage all parts of the body.


This one is similar to the traditional vibrator, but smaller (3-5 cm). The mini-vibrators are an interesting choice for those who suffer from vaginal sensitivity because they are shorter and narrower. They can also be used to stimulate the clitoris. They are easier to manipulate then the bullet or egg vibrators.

We Vibe

Designed to be used during sex, this type of toy stimulates two areas: the clitoris, through the top part which remains outside and emits a vibration, as well as the G-spot, thanks to the bottom part which, once inserted, makes a pressure on G-spot. The vibrations are pleasant to both partners.




Dildos are similar in shape to vibrators, but they don’t vibrate. People looking for an experience close to reality appreciate it more. Compared to vibrators, dildos are often less expensive, and the customers will select one after a considered choice based on form and texture. Some dildos are sometimes equipped with a suction cup so one can place it on a surface to use it without hands. Others can be attached to a harness. Since they do not have a motor, all dildos can be used under water and are completely silent.

Double dildo

This type of dildo is has a head at both ends. They allow a simultaneous double penetration (vaginal and anal), but are also sometimes used by two partners.

Jelly dildo

This dildo is very flexible. It is the closest thing to a real organ. Most are very realistic, with veins and scrotum.




Thai beads

Thai beads are made of several balls of different sizes joined by a cord or a rigid rod. The pleasure comes from the removing of the balls which massage the anal walls. Some models are also available to perform a back and forth constantly. Those have a much more solid rod.

Curved stimulators

Stimulators that have a curved shape are designed to stimulate the prostate. A simple massage using this toy provides men a pleasant sensation.

Vibrating butt plug

This vibrating anal stimulator allows first to relax the muscles of the anus prior to penetration. It can then be inserted thanks to its tapered tip.

Butt plug

The main function of this toy is to relax the muscles. Indeed, it should not be moved once inserted, while inserting it gives pleasure to some people. The tapered shape of the plug allows a gradual penetration while putting pressure on the muscles. The narrow neck helps to hold it in place and loosen the muscles. You can use the plug in a preparation for another toy, but also during intercourse (the man, to stimulate the prostate, and the woman, to tighten the vaginal walls).


This one allows to clean the inside of the anus. It is very easy to use.

Anal dildos

There are dildos designed especially for anal use. The main difference is the broader base, which prevents a too far insertion.

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories


The pumps operate by suction to make a penis harder and more impressive. Some models can be used in the bath or the shower, while others use only air. In all cases, the method of operation and expected results are the same.

Penis extensions

Depending on the model, some extensions are designed to increase the size or width of the penis. Others are to provide more sensations to the woman through the texture. There are also the “cage” extensions which can also be used to keep the erection for a longer period of time, but the penis is less covered. Extensions can be fitted with a vibrating egg that gives more pleasure to the woman.


Masturbators allow man to indulge in a much more stimulating way, through their texture and their smart design. Aside from the more classic models, we also see imitations of genital parts or mouth, each with their respective characteristics. Large formats are also available, which allow hands-free operation.

Cock rings

The cock rings are used to prolong the intercourse and provide more intense sensations until the orgasm. Some rings are placed at the base of the penis, while others also hold the testicles.

Vibrating cock rings

This is a variant of the regular ring equipped with a vibrating egg to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.





This material comes generally in the form of "jelly" and is very porous. While it is harder to clean, it is very flexible and elastic. It is the closest thing to a real organ. Please note that many people are allergic to latex.


Silicone is the most loved and used of materials since it reminds the texture of the skin and it is soft to the touch. However, it is porous and can be difficult to insert, hence the need to use a good lubricant. Silicone, unlike latex, is a good choice for those who are sensitive to chemicals and prone to infections.


The main feature of glass is that it can be heated or cooled, thus providing different sensations. It requires very little lubricant and glides easily.


The main advantage of plastic is that it requires little lubricant and it can easily be cleaned. But it is harder and less soft than silicone, and unlike glass, it cannot be heated or cooled.

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls can come in a set of up to four balls. The woman inserts the ball(s) into her vagina in order to reinforce the muscles and gain pleasure. Although balls come in different type, weight and diameter, they are all used the same way. The most important is to select balls that are heavy enough to reinforce the muscles, but not too heavy; they could slide out of the vagina. The balls bring a subtle pleasure immediately, and they have several benefits: many women use them for incontinence problems or a lack of sensitivity during intercourse. Although it is possible to practice the exercises with the balls, many women use them passively while going about their daily business.

Chinese balls

The Chinese balls contain a free weight inside which provides a jarring sensation when the woman moves. These are the balls that provide the most immediate pleasure to the woman thanks to their weight.

Japanese balls

The Japanese balls are full. They are often used after the Chinese balls, as they are more difficult to hold in. Therefore, they make the muscles work harder, but they generally don’t provide immediate pleasure.